Yerubilee - Messianic Roots Reggae from Jerusalem
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With Yerubilee you can get in touch with your “Messianic Roots Reggae from Jerusalem.”

Say “Shalom” to the groundbreaking debut album from Israel’s premier Messianic reggae group. Recorded and mixed in Jerusalem, this music blends the flavors of Hillsongs, ‘Imisi, Matisyahu, Misty Edwards, Bob Marley, and Paul Wilbur.

Yerubilee eases onto the Praise & Worship scene with a fresh look & sound: Roots reggae with 10-string Davidic harp, varied vocalists, with live horns & string sections.

Yerubilee is a praise & worship band from Jerusalem with a new sound and a vision for lifting up the name of YESHUA ישוע (Jesus) all around the world. Their debut album delivers anointed versions of pop praise covers and originals, reggafied UB40-style with a fun, unique vibe.

Yerubilee is connected to the 24/7/365 worship movement and could be described as Messianic Hebraic Christian praise and worship with heartfelt singing, Davidic harp, and pop orchestra, supported by island/reggae rhythms.

Yerubilee,” spelled ירובלי in Hebrew, is pronounced (yah-ROO-beh-lee). The band’s name combines “Yerushalayim” (Hebrew for Jerusalem) with the English “Jubilee” to picture “Jubilee in Jerusalem.” This evokes scenes of celebration and jubilation as the Holy City prepares for the Messiah’s soon return in the clouds of heaven.

Yerubilee powers thru popular covers such as “We Want to See Jesus Lifted High,”(by Doug Horley), “Roni, Roni, Bat Zion” (David Loden) and “Call on Jesus” (Nicole C. Mullen) along with choice originals “By Your Wounds” (Teddy Chadwick), “Strong and Mighty” (Chadwick) and “Wait on the LORD” (Chadwick). With such great songs set to live reggae, one drop, and rocksteady riddims, Yerubilee stands to make a splash in the Messianic and Gospel Reggae genres simultaneously, pioneering a new flavor in the CCM smörgåsbord.

Yerubilee‘s instrumentation combines traditional bass-drums-guitar-keyboards with jazzy horns, a super-sweet string section, and electric Davidic harp whose design is based upon findings from archeological digs. A takeoff on “Harp and Bowl,” this could be called “Harp and Bass for the Highest Praise.”

Yerubilee‘s founder and producer Teddy Chadwick, a pastor’s son from the USA, played in various bands in Los Angeles before entering the ministry as a congregation Music Director in New Jersey. In 2004, he relocated to Israel to work with other worshipers in prayer house ministries which are involved in prayer and worship 24 hours a day all year round. In 2006, he began gathering musicians from various congregations and ministries to participate in the Yerubilee Project: Jew and Gentile together, one in Messiah, as One New Man (Eph 2:15), proclaiming YESHUA’s glory til He returns.

Meticulously EQ’ed, mixed, and mastered in Jerusalem, the CD comes packaged with 8-page full-color glossy booklet, with lyrics in transliterated Hebrew and English.

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