Here at Yerubilee we are so very grateful to the many dear people who have shown us support, encouraging us in various ways. And it's so wonderful how we always make great friends. Here are some comments, some signs of gratitude from our listeners:

"I wanted to send a special thank you to you for your worship CD, "Yerubilee". I have been listening to it over and over again these past 3 weeks and it has brought an uplift, comfort and climate change in the Spirit...Blessings on you Teddy! Keep up the good work in His Grace!"
- Angel

"Hi Teddy and Yerubilee, Thanks for the add! I never would have guessed someone had the foresight to make Reggae versions of all my favorite messianic songs (though I did figure out what great surf guitar songs many of them would make), but I'm glad you did!
'Roni Roni Bat Zion' is my favorite." - God bless you all, Ed

"Hey guys and, love, the music!! 'He Brought Us Out' was my first favorite and then the rest are my other favorites!!! God Bless you as you seek to HONOR and LIFT HIS name on High and may He Bless and anoint your music for HIS Glory and Praise." -carribeanjewel

"Ride on! Great work Yerubilee! You sound wonderful. Speaks right to the Heart ;) Be of Good Courage, Yerubilee, as you continue reach out in Jerusalem. Peace!" - Diana aka SisterD

"'s awesome! Your rhythmic cool music gives Glory to God--He is worthy of praise--Alleluyah! Bless you all" - Jane

"HOT!! Best version I've heard of 'Roni, Roni.' Hands down." - FogsDavis

"Okay! WOW! You guys make me laugh and love the Lord all at the same time! Let's PLEASE be friends. Peace Out and Peace In." - Foy Boy

"...Our family and I are very excited to hear some of your music on your page. It's just inspiring. You all really have some great talent. We will be enjoying your music here in East Texas." Sincerely, Monica Sulistio & family.

"You guys are awesome, and blessed, and... and.. and... :) Anyway, I'm planning on coming to your page often to hear your music. It's great! G-d bless you all...." -Rosemary


"Really cool Reggae band from Israel, add them to your myspace. TTYL." -Roberto

DJ Mike Roots from Radio station WAPJ 89.9 & 105.1 FM in Torrington, CT writes to Yerubilee: "May listeners who tune in be blessed by your refreshingly unique rootsy sounds and message. -Shalom, Mike."

So, which songs do you like best? Write into the comments below... Clear, concise and descriptive comments will be considered for the Gratitude section above. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Melissa Barrett

    Wow, I really enjoy what is in your heart for Yeshua and is expressed in your music. When I met you, right before my departure from Jerusalem and got to "hang" with you the night at the bakery and the park area with the young people I didn't even know you were into music when the Lord gave me the word for you that you would be hearing new songs and waking up to the song of the Lord over you…God is so great and really cool like that…blessings to you and your "journey" with our Beloved King! Will keep you in prayer….appreciate if you do the same for me in America!!! Melissa Barrett


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