Yerubilee Harps

10-Stringed Instruments from the Heart of David

Two Harp Models from Yerubilee

Harp with Yerubilee Tuning Crossbar (L), Jubilee Harp (R)

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Teddy Chadwick of Yerubilee uses a harp like the one pictured, above left.  The workmanship, tone, and Tuning Crossbar make this harp a great choice.

You can listen to the harp using the music player above. Just use the playlist button on the far right, then click the harp track.  Or, play it here: The Sound of the Yerubilee Harp.  The harp also appears in the tracks  “Worthy is the Lamb,” “Wait on the LORD,” “Roni Roni Bat Zion,” and “Call Yeshua.”

Worshipers and musicians everywhere are finding these harps a joy to play.  The 10-string harp is easier to learn than guitar or piano.  David played a similar harp in the shepherd’s fields and in King Saul’s court as he prepared his heart for reigning.

Teddy of Yerubilee distributes Jubilee Harps at the same price as Jubilee. Plus he offers third-party upgrades, including electronic pickups and the Yerubilee Tuning Crossbar.  With a pickup installed, you can plug your harp straight into an amp or sound system with effects, just like a guitar.

A word from Teddy regarding the Tuning Crossbar:  Previously, while in the recording studio, I used a harp like the one pictured above on the right.  This was before I invented the Tuning Crossbar.  The sound was excellent, but in between songs, I had to retune the harp to the new key.  This turned out to be a half-hour process per song.  Concerts were a huge hassle:  I lugged at least four harps to the venue, all tuned to different keys!  I put “sticky notes” on the back to mark each harp, so I knew which key it was in.  And the sound guys did not like the idea of me taking up four channels on the mixing board.

So, I had to create the Yerubilee Tuning Crossbar.  It took me about three years, working on applications, improving tonal accuracy, redesigns, and aesthetics.  I wanted the Tuning Crossbar to work well, sound great, and look beautiful.  Now, the Yerubilee Tuning Crossbar is here.  It’s like having a harp capo — within seconds I can switch to another key, or even add accidentals mid-song.  For anyone playing a 10-string Davidic harp, the Yerubilee Tuning Crossbar is an absolute must.

For more pics, info, and to request a quote, please

go to the Harp Gallery.

Coming up: The Feast of Tabernacles Harp Convocation.

2 thoughts on “Yerubilee Harps

  1. Denise Hurlburt

    Iam very interested in your harps… Iam coming to Israel in October for the Feast and I’m also taking a harp class at JHOPFAN in November… I had a vision of playing a Davidic harp and can hardly wait to learn… It was a darker color than the two you have on this page… It was like the one you are playing on your video…do you offer the more cherry wood look?

    My friend Nancy Barth told me about you, she hosted you this last spring in Beit Yedidia with Martha, if you recall?

    Is there a chance of purchasing a harp from you in Israel?

    May Yeshua bless you brother!

    Denise Hurlburt


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