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Ingathering to Israel

And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh:  That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their Elohim. (Ezekiel 11:19-20)

The passage in Ezekiel 11 is similarly repeated in Ezekiel 36.  In Ezek. 36, the timing of the new heart is immediately after Israel is brought back to the Land which was promised to Abraham.  That began to happen in the 1850’s, and was confirmed on the ground by the family of worldly nations in a legal vote in 1947.  Israel declared independence in 1948 and has been preserved miraculously ever since.  That is the process of YHWH bringing the children of Israel back to the Land as in Ezek. 36:1-24. 

The next steps are the cleansing by water (v.25), the stony heart removed, and then the soft heart installed (v.26).

The Ruach haKodesh is put within (the Holy Spirit – v.27) and the RESULT is that the people will WALK in YHWH’s statutes, His Judgments, and DO THEM.  

That is physically doing the Torah thanks to the Torah being written upon the hearts of the people.  That is only possible through YHWH changing that heart through His process.

This appears not only in Ezekiel but also in Jeremiah 31:30-38.  The “new covenant” (Brit Chadasha can also mean Renewed Covenant) is this:
1) It is FOR the tribes of Israel and Judah – and other nations can be grafted in (Romans 11)
2) It CONSISTS OF the Torah being written upon the heart (Ezekiel 11, Ezekiel 36, Ez. 38)
3) One RESULT is that the people will DO the Torah and walk in obedience to YHWH.


See more info about this great Bible translation:

Luke 9:49, 50 (AENT)

And Yochanan answered and said, “Our Master, we saw a man who was casting out demons in your name, and we forbade him because he did not follow us after you.” 50. And Y’shua said to them, “Do not forbid him, for he that is not against you is for you!”

Luke 9:49, 50 (AENT)
Aramaic English New Testament

Day of Prayer Impacts the World From Jerusalem

Shalom and greetings again from Jerusalem, the City of the King.

We just had another Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. Worldwide in churches all over, on the first Sunday of every October. Of course, we also held the meeting in Jerusalem.

I was there for this prayer meeting – it was powerful, as every year!

This Day of Prayer was part of the Feast of Tabernacles celebration where I am all this week, in Jerusalem. Over 8,000 Christians are gathered from the nations for this conference. 1,000 came from Brazil!

Live from Israel,

Teddy Chadwick &


Day of Prayer in Jerusalem – Oct 4 2009

Buffalo, NY: Oct. 5, 2009

Christians Worldwide Gather in Homes, Churches, and Cities to Unite in Prayer for Jerusalem!

Millions of Christians marked the 8th annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ) ( on Sunday, October 4th with concerted, worldwide worship and prayer.

From soaring cathedrals to simple grass huts, hundreds of thousands of churches, involving millions of Christians in well over 175 nations, prayed for Jerusalem’s peace on Sunday, October 4th. According to the New York office of Eagles’ Wings Ministries, the prayer initiative’s sponsor, these numbers include the participation of underground Christian churches in seven primarily Muslim countries and in China.

Dr. Robert Stearns, founder of Eagles’ Wings and co-chairman of the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, led a Jerusalem Celebration of the DPPJ at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem that was attended by leaders of the Christian, Jewish, and Arab communities, and which was broadcast globally on GOD TV live to 192 nations. The main auditorium was filled with approximately 2,000 believers from Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Canada, and Europe.

“It is a new day in the Christian Church,” said Stearns. “There are millions of Christians declaring that they will pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We are not spectators, we are not bystanders, and we will not be silent… The sin of silence (during the Holocaust) will not be repeated… Shalom to Israel is Shalom for the world!” Dr. Stearns received a standing ovation and shouts of support by the audience at these comments.

Representing the government of Israel, Uzi Landau, Minister of Infrastructure, addressed the Christians gathered in Jerusalem and watching around the world: “Thank you for the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, it is important…we need more Watchmen on the Walls of Zion.”

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, chief Rabbi of Efrat also spoke, saying, “Why do I believe God is with us? I have witnessed a new Christianity – one that observes the Covenant between God and Israel – between God and the Jewish people. It is a Christianity that proudly says to us that ‘you are the root and we are the branch’… You stand with us, and for this we are eternally grateful.”

In addition to global prayer rallies and church services, the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem inspired more than 1,000 callers to access a 24-hour Day of Prayer international conference call that united Christians from 10 nations and 36 U.S. states in a virtual prayer room. For 24 hours, believers from nations including Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, and the U.S. called in, praying in multiple languages for supernatural peace to canopy Jerusalem and all her people, both young and old, Jew and Arab.

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem occurs the first Sunday in October every year, connecting the Christian and Hebrew calendars. The initiative involves tens of millions of people and is endorsed by more than 1,200 prominent Christian leaders worldwide, including Jack Hayford, Paul Cedar, Ron Luce, Kay Arthur, John Hagee, Jane Hansen Hoyt, K.P. Yohannan, T.D. Jakes, Ravi Zacharias, Mosy Madugba, Kenneth Copeland, Thomas Wang, Sunday Adelaja, and many more.

Coming soon… Many more reports from around the world from the DPPJ, including a 2009 Jerusalem Celebration Highlight Video! To view the latest updates, click here to visit

Night 1 at the Feast

The first night at the ICEJ Feast has gone pretty well. We’re set up with a rented table with the Yerubilee CD’s, some anointing oil, and a harp. We’re also using a laptop to display the “Wait on the LORD” music video, from the first song on the CD.

We commissioned this gigantic banner to be made – the idea being it would stand behind our table and draw attention. However, the conference center had a gripe about it blocking the artwork on display on the wall behind our table. Fortunately the banner is still displayed across the hall from the Yerubilee table. Perhaps tomorrow they’ll let us move our CD table to be here in front of the banner, we’ll see.

Here’s the banner – a quick snapshot in between passing pilgrims – but you get the idea:


Below, here’s the banner with a guy walking by so you can see it really is 8 feet square:


This banner is so beautiful that people are posing in front of it for their own pictures!


So keep us in prayer here in Jerusalem. About 4,000 pilgrims here for this conference but it’s not easy to get rid of these CD’s when we haven’t been given a performance venue. It’s quite a job to get just a handful of people to listen to the headphones and decide whether they want a CD or not.

Tomorrow we’ll try and get a pic of the display table. Many blessings, and thanks for your help and prayer!



“Messianic Roots Reggae from Jerusalem”

discrevolt design7badgergb


“Messianic Roots Reggae

from Jerusalem”

Inviting the Holy Spirit to Germany

Below info from a scan, with info about the prayer meeting.

100 years ago on Sept 15, 1909, 50 people gathered to make the “Berlin Declaration” stating that the Pentecostal Movement was ‘not of God,’ effectively quenching the Holy Spirit in Germany.

Now the churches want to gather and truly repent for that action, which probably had far-reaching impact in paving the way for the events from 1914 thru 1945.

So during this 12-hour prayer meeting, the pastors and churches will repent and reverse that declaration, and invite the Holy Spirit to move in Berlin and in Germany.

Please join us in prayer!

the scanned info:

NähereI nformationenz um Gebetstäg, ,Komm,H eiligerG eist
– 100 Jahre Berliner Erklärung” am 15. September 2009 in Berlin
Wir ladenz u einem, ,Gebetstaegi”n undn ichtz u einer,,Konferenozd”e r,,TagungD”.a s
bedeutetW: ir tretenp riesterlicvho r Gottu nd heißenp rophetischd en HeiligenG eistn eu in
Deutschlandw illkommenW. ir treffenu ns nichta ls Vertretevr erschiedeneGr remien,s onderna ls
Christenm itd eng leichenA nliegend, ie im Folgenden äherb eschriebewne rden.
Gesch ichtlicher H i nterg ru nd
Am 15. September1 909u ntezeichnetenü ber5 0 namhafteV ertreterd er deutschenG emeinschaftsbewegudnige
sogenannte, ,BerlinerE rklärung”.D arin lehnten sie die damals aufbrechendeP fingstbewegungri goros und
endgültiga b (,,Dies ogen.P fingstbewegunigs t nichtv on oben,s ondernv on unten”).V on dieserZ eltan zog sich
ein tieferR issd urchd ie verschiedeneGn emeinschaftedne r Christenin unseremL and.
Seit etwa zwei Jahrzehnteng ehen Christenu nd Gemeindenu nterschiedlichstSert römungend, ie Gott gegeben
hat, wieder stärker aufeinanderz u. Es gab und gibt inzwischenv iele Begegnungent,i efe Versöhnungu nd
konstruktivZeu sammenarbeiGt. otts ei Dank!
BesondereM eilensteinein diesemV ersöhnungsprozeswsta renz um einen die 1996g emeinsamv eröffentlichte
,,KasseleEr rklärungd” es Hauptvorstandedse r DeutschenE vangelischeAn llianz( DEA)u nd des Präsidiumsd es
Bundes FreikirchlichePr fingstgemeinde(nB FP), zum anderen die in jüngster Vergangenhei(t Januar 2009)
herausg ebrachteg emeinsameE rklärungd es EvangelischeGn nadauerG emeinschaftsverbanduensd des
MülheimeVr erbandesF reikirchlich-EvangelisGcheemr eindenzu t,,BerlineErr klärungv”o n 1909.2
Trotz aller Freude über die Versöhnungsschritted,i e Christen verschiedenert heologischerS tandpunkte
inzwischena ufeinanderz u gegangen sind, halten wir den Hauptaspektd er ,,BerlinerE rklärung”f ür kaum
beachtet,d er aber großenS chadena ngerichteht at. Die Auswirkungend er ,,BeriineEr rklärung”w arenu nd sind
nichtn ur auf zwischenmenschlichEebr enez u spüren,s onderng anz besondersa uch in der Beziehungz u Gottes
Geists elbst.M it der pauschalenB eurteilungd,i e sogenannteP fingstbewegunsge i nichtv on oben,s ondernv on
unten,w urde in den Geschehnissend amalsd as Wirkend es HeiligenG eistesa berkannt.S tattdessens ah man
besondersd ie Wirkungenv on Dämonen,m enschlichesH andelnu nd einenf alschenG eist.D ie Entwicklungd er
Pfingstbeweguning den letzten1 00 Jahrenu nd ihreS tellungu nd Anerkennungin nerhalbd er GemeindeJ esu
heutez eigta ber,d asss ichd ie Unterzeichnedre r, ,BerlineEr rklärunga” n diesemz entralenP unktg eirrth aben.
Wir glauben,d ass unsereV äterw ie auch diejenigend,i e ihneng efolgts ind,i n diesemF alld en HeiligenG eist
betrübt haben und an ihm schuldig geworden sind. Die Auswirkung bis heute ist eine große Verunsicherung
gegenübedr em HeiligenG eistu nds einenW irkungen.
Wir nehmend ankbarv iele SegnungenG ottesi n unsermL and wahr. Nach den Katastrophend er Jahre 1914-
1945e rlebenw ir seineG nadeu nd einenW iederaufbaug eistlichw, ie auch materiell.D ieser1 00.J ahrestagd er
,,BerlineEr rklärung”g ibt uns nun die Gelegenheiti,n ne zu halten und uns unter ein geschichtlicheEs rbe zu
Bei allerS achanalyseis t es nichtu nserA uftrag,d ie Väteru nd die Geschwistezr u verurteilenW. ir stellenu ns mit
unter ihr Versagen und ihre Not, treten vor den Herrn, um weiteren negativen Auswirkungen der ,,Berliner
Erklärunge” ntgegenz u wirken.W ir habenu ns schuldigg emacht,n ichtn ur vor Menschens, ondernv or allemv or
Gott. DieserA spekti st aus unsererS icht in den oben genanntenE rklärungenn ur unzureichendo der gar nicht
zum Ausdruckg ekommenu nd nichta ls Schuldd em HeiligenG eistg egenüberb ekanntw orden.Z warw urdend ie
Gabend es Geistesg rundsätzlichb ejaht,s trittigeG eisteswirkungejend och um der Einheitw illena usgeklammert
(s. Punkt3 der KasselerE rklärung).
Es geht unsererM einungn achj edoch nicht nur um das Anerkennend er Geistesgabens,o ndernu m Buße und
ein weiteresW illkommen-Heißedne s HeiligenG eistes,d ass Er in unseremL and in aller Freiheitw irken und
handelnk annw ie Erwill.
Auf dem ,,Marschfü r Jesus”a m 23. Mai 1992 in Berlini st unseremW issen nach zum erstenu nd einzigenM al
öffentlichu m Vergebungf ür die Ablehnungd es heiligenG eistes durch die ,,BerlinerE rklärung”,s owie ein
ausdrücklicheWs illkommen-Heißedne s HeiligenG eistesg ebetenw orden,”
Wir wollena n diesemT ag hiera nsetzenu, ns vor Gottb eugen,i hn um Vergebungb ittenu nd uns neu ausstrecken
nach dem Geist Gottes für unser Land. Wir schauen in die Zukunft und bitten ihn, die nächsten Segnungen und
EntwicklungeGn ottesh erbeiz u führen.E r möge neu wirken,u m Jesus,d en Herrn,i n ganz Deutschlandk räftig
zu verherrlichenD. iesemZ ielw ollenw ir uns am 100.J ahrestagd er,,BerlineEr fulärung”widmen.
1 Mit Wertschätzung schauen wir auch auf den Einsatz von Herbert Masuch, der mit der,,tnitiative Berliner Erklärung” beharrlich
zu Buße und Versöhnung aufgerufen hat.
‘ Die Worttaute beider Erktärungen und auch der,,Berliner Erklärung” 1909 liegen dem tnfopaket bei.
3Der Abdruck dleses Gebefes ist im tnfo-Paket enthalten (oder vor Ort ats Auslage am lnfoPoint erhälttich).
Ausrichtung des Tages
Beim Forschenn ach den Ursachenu nd vorangegangenehni storischenE ntwicklungend,i e dann letztendlichin
die ,,BerlineEr rklärung”u nd deren Folgeerscheinungemnü ndeten,s ind uns drei Punktei m Hinblicka uf den
kommenden1 5. Septembebr esondersw ichtigg eworden:
1. DieA blehnungV, erurteilunugn dd as Betrübend es HeiligenG eistes.
2. Die Missachtungd er geistlichenL eitung und göttlich gesetztenA utoritätsstrukturebne i den Kasseler
Veranstaltunge1n9 07.
3. Das Versagend er geistlichenL eitungi m Vorfeldd er BerlinerE rklärung.
Mit diesenP unktenw ollenw ir gemeinsamp riesterlicvho r Gottt reten,u m Verantwortunfgü r unserF ehlverhalten
und das unsererV äterz u übernehmenu nd GottesG nadef ür uns und unserL andz u erbitten.
Danachw ollenw ir danna ls nächstenS chrittg emeinsamn achv orn blickenW. ir ladend en HeiligenG eistw ieder
neu ein, uns und unserL andf lächendeckenzdu erfüllenz, u errettenu nd zu reformierenW. ir werdend afürb eten
und in den nächstenJ ahrenv erantwortlicuhn d systematiscuhn terS einerL eitungd afüra rbeiten.
Der ganzeT ag soll dabeib egleiteut nd erfüllts ein mit ausgiebigenZ eitend er Anbetungu nd des Lobesz ur Ehre
unseresd reieinigenG ottes.
Nähere Informationeznu den Hintergründenu nd der historischenE ntwicklungd er Ereignisses ind in unserem
Infopakete nthaltenu nd könnenj ederzeitu nter der Mailadressek hg-office@weitopen.duen d Telefonnummer
05721-9 24124n achbestelwlt erden.
ZeitlicherA blauf
11.00U hrT eil1 . Blicki n dieV ergangenheit
12.30 Uhr Pause
13.00U hrT eil2 : Berichtü berd ie Entwicklungebni s zur Gegenwart
Antwort auf Teil 1 und Teil 2:
o Buß- und Gebetszeit
o Anbetung
17.00 Uhr Pause
18.00U hrT eil3 : Aussichitn dieZ ukunft
o Geistlichlem pulse
o Gebet und Lobpreis
r intensiveZ eit im HeiligenG eist
ca.22.00 Uhr Abschluss
Wir sind offenf ür die Leitungd es HeiligenG eistes,d ie natürlicha uch zu Programm-Anderungefünh renk ann.
Z.B. könnens ich die Pausenv erschiebenD. arumb ittenw ir, sich an diesemT ag selbstz u verlorgenu nd nicht
damitz u rechnen,ir gendwoe sseng ehenz u können.G etränkeu nd kleineS nacksw erdenv or Ort veikauft.
Wir glaubend, assw irv ore inere rneutenA usgießundge s HeiligenG eistesin Deutschlansdt ehen.
Wir glaubena uch,d assd er 15. Septembere in Tag von historischeBr edeutungis t. Dazul adenw ir euch herzlich
Einigev on euch werdenm öglicherweiszew ei Urlaubstageu nd eine Übernachtungin vestierenm üssen.D ieser
Einsatzf ür das ReichG ottesl ohnts ich!
Wir sinds ehrg espanntw, as Gottt un wird,u nd verbleibenin Christusv erbunden,
Martin Bauer (Vogtländischer Gebetsdienst), Olga Dammer (Jeremia Werk Fiedberg), Markus & Angelika Egti
(JMEM Altensteig), Jörg Gerasch (Josua Gemeinde Berlin), Markus & Elvira Germann (Glaubenszentrum Bad
Gandersheim), Dr. Chistoph & Dr. Utta Häselbafth (Josua Dienst e.V. Stittmatt), Klaus & Adetheid Köhter
(WEITOPEN!),G erd Kiedemann (Chistliches GlaubenszentrumL ichtenstein),D r. Wolfhard & Christa Margies
(Gemeinde auf dem Weg Berlin), Willi & lngeborg Mayer (Chistus-Zentrum Weinstadt), IJwe & Beate Meyer
(Passion for Jesus), Eckhard Neumann (Missionswerk Josua), Pfr. Thomas Piehler (Senfkom e.V. Leipzig), Dirk
& Ania Rösemeier (WEITOPEN!), Winfied Rudloff (Chistus Gemeinde Bertin – Hohenschönhausen)M, ichaet
Schiffmann( Touch the Nationse .V.), Pfr. Swen Schönheit( Apostet-Petrus-GemeindeB erlin)O rtwin Schweitzer
(Adoramus-Gemeinschaft)D, iethelm & Gerti Strauch (standlJpe .V.), Keith & Marion Warington (JMEM),p eter &
UrselWichmann (M107),B rian Williamson( Prophetic Ministriese .V. Rutesheim), t

Recent iPhotos

Here’s some recent pics, also i hope Nana and Papa might get a kick out of some of these, especially the Bibles, since Nana gave me the little one.

the little one has a leather cover that was getting dry and worn so I rubbed some leather oil into it now it’s nice and conditioned and supple again.

Much love,

Teddy in Jerusalem


Little Bible, Big Bible


Time for little Bible’s close-up.


This is the little KJV New Testament that Nana gave me. I still use it. Just packed it for my Berlin trip.


The view out to the patio from inside the brother’s apartment where I house-sit currently. It’s teeny but nice.


The patio.


The view into the apartment from the patio. Mattress on the left.


mattress on the floor with the conehead weeble-wobble lamp for reading at night.


Under the green steel loft, there’s a desk. Harp case to its left. Corner of the kitchen counter on the right side. Yep, no closet hanging space so I’m using a mic stand.


And that would be the kitchen.


I hope I don’t have to tell what that is.


Yep it’s quite an acrobatics show getting in and out of that bathroom. Good thing I’m not a sumo wrestler.

Congregation mealtime, and Jewish believers praying for an Arab believer going thru some persecution from his family and village. Afterwards you could really see the anointing of the LORD had fallen upon the guy and he was refreshed. Kiddie table in the foreground for the meal. [Picture not posted for the sake of the security of the individuals]


At this new mall they have rectangular toilets. I’m not sure if I’d wanna sit on one but they sure look cool.


Youth kids rushing to look while one kid prays for another’s leg to grow out to the same length, which it did.
That night 3 knees were healed, backs, necks, and a guy’s arm which had been broken at age 9 and couldn’t be held out straight ever since. God healed it and the guy said “No way, look at that!!”

Yerubilee “The Green CD” tracks 9 and 10



This is Messianic Roots Reggae from
Jerusalem. Say “Shalom” to Israel’s premier
Messianic reggae band and their
groundbreaking first album.

Yerubilee eases onto the Praise & Worship
scene with a fresh look & sound: Roots
reggae with 10-string Davidic harp, varied
vocalists, live horns, & string section.

Anointed delivery of pop praise tune covers
and originals, reggafied UB40-style with a
fun, unique vibe.

• Contains more 10-string Davidic harp than
any other Messianic or Reggae album.

• Retro-modern Israeli and international
praise tunes – sung in English and

• If King David were here today—might he
play his harp in a reggae praise band?

Pronunciation: (yah-ROO-beh-lee).


“…Unique, outstanding… it’s a NEW
SOUND!” – Daniel Hsu, H.E.A. Judaica,
Hong Kong.

“…The dynamic between the elements of
powerful brass shouts and the chilled out
reggae riffs is utterly delectable… much
respect for making such a fresh approach
to Messianic and reggae worship.”
– Martin I Smith, Cross Rhythms, London.

“…Refreshingly unique rootsy sounds
and message.” – DJ Mike Roots, WAPJ
89.9 & 105.1 FM in Torrington, CT, USA.

Fan Mail
“HOT!! Best version I’ve heard of
‘Roni, Roni.’ Hands down.”
– Fogs Davis

“Blazing music, feelin’ the vibes.
More love, more life!” – Junya Be

“I didn’t believe reggae could be
this anointed!” – Rachel Williams