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Teddy at Sept 11th Convocation

Sunday, September 11 at 6:00am
Location: The Father’s House, Henderson, KY


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The Father’s House Presents:
“Ground Zero at the Cross”
18 Hour Prayer and Worship Service as a Memorial to the 10th Anniversary of 9-11
Special Guest: Teddy Chadwick, Founder of Jerusalem Tabernacle of David in Jerusalem, Israel
Website: www.jtod.org
Teddy will be leading the following sessions:
9-10am (teaching)
1-2pm (worship & prayer)
4-5pm (worship & prayer)
6-8pm (teaching)
10-11pm (worship & prayer)
Location: 1800 Cinema Drive (formerly Old Orchard Cinema)

Henderson, KY



Teddy Chadwick,


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“Lifting up the Name of Yeshua
         in Israel and in the Nations”






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Messianic Roots Reggae from Jerusalem






“Lifting up the Name of Yeshua
         in Israel and in the Nations”





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