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Video: Full Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon, Bullseye) over Israel, 2011-June-15: Latter stage

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With my video camera on a tripod, I was able to zoom in ok.  The definition is not that clear, would have been much better with a telescope.  However, it’s still good for observing the quick transition as the moon moves out of the Earth’s shadow.  Too bad my battery was flat because prior to this I had a great view of the red-colored bullseye eclipse right from my neighborhood in Samaria (West Bank).  Hopefully someone else got some good shots.  I had one brother email me a pic, his dad had a great view from Brisbane, Australia.  That pic is up at our music page at here.  Check over there for my article on Bible prophecy and “the moon turning to blood.”


This video starts with a few short clips of the latter stages of the eclipse, followed by an inexplicable period of darkness, and then at about 0:27 the clips appear with a little bit of commentary.


Also, starting at about 0:16 that clip I imported into the computer while fast-forwarding – to speed up the change in the moon.  You can see how fast the clouds are speeding by.
The eclipse Started around 8pm June 15 2011 and finished up its cycle at about 1 am June 16 2011.  This video was shot between midnight and 1 am.  I hope somebody enjoys this sort of thing.  Check the article for more info at  here.




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